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    3. 北京紳士服裝服飾有限公司

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         Beijing gentleman clothing accessories co., LTD., founded in 1981, is a production suits, shirts, men's clothing enterprise, has more than 30 years of history. After development, has now successfully create famous brand "gentleman", and forms to suit, shirt, as the main body, ties, men's leisure series, men's accessories ancillary products such as the pattern of coordinated development.

          ""Gentleman" aimed at business people, product design heritage vogue, contracted style, terminal stores to precipitate out "cordial, warm, fashion" visual tone, leading the urban white-collar unique dress.
          ""Gentleman" brand with high quality, high count fabric, stable product quality and innovative business philosophy, in the society and the vast consumers enjoy good reputation.
          "In recent years, the gentleman to adjust marketing strategy, create a brand new image. Gripped shirt that can develop, can shape the huge space, comprehensive, upgrading the brand to brand shop to replace the original shop sales model, using the new terminal display technique and strict management system, to build a suit, shirt as the main body, the gentleman series product development of a comprehensive international men's wear brand.




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