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    3. 北京紳士服裝服飾有限公司

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          Was born in 1981 in the "gentleman" is the suit, shirt production of men's clothing for the leading enterprises. After 30 years of ups and downs, the gentleman always adhere to the same belief, the "do the world's best shirt" as a constant pursuit of goals.

          Over the years, through the unremitting exploration and pursuit, enterprise has completed by the successful transformation of the operation of the production and processing to the brand has realized the suit, shirt, tie, men's leisure series, men's accessories such as the new pattern of comprehensive development.
          Looking back, we clearly see that a development and expansion of a gentleman without dedicated employees, more benefit from the broad masses of customers and consumers of support and help of the gentleman brand for a long time. Gentleman here, on behalf of the group of all the shareholders to express our heartfelt thanks to you, and hope to continue to get everyone eager attention.
          Facing the new century clothing industry thousand sails to compete sends, person, a gentleman is in an unprecedented Boldness of vision and courage, under the direction of target, toward the internationalization of the brand, forge ahead.



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