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    3. 北京紳士服裝服飾有限公司

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          Once upon a time, the important dress shirt become throughout a man's life in all areas. Whether leisure, work or social occasions, men shirt as a kind of indispensable costume. With a classic fashion, unique style of shirt, become the dream of many men.

          Specialized shirt for 30 years, pursue constant quality. Haute couture "gentleman" to provide you with professional, quality, noble, fashion shirt custom service, make you feel extraordinary experience.
          Selection of soft, comfortable, breathable, easy finishing of cotton fabrics of high; Is the most in line with the human form in Asia to a classic type, waistline, three-dimensional cutting make the shoulder, chest and waist more comfortable; Using different from a normal shirt made of exclusive equipment, professional and technical personnel to provide you with fast, exalted shirt quantity body and production services, perfect interpretation of "gentleman" model.
          A gentleman in every shop counters or store is equipped with advanced customization service, and can according to your requirements to provide door-to-door service quantity body.





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